This website has been created by the company Simple Caracters (D. & R. LIAKOTITIS EPE, hereinafter the "Company") in order to provide immediate information about its products, enabling remote online ordering, as well as interactive communication between visitors and the Company, through commenting and expressing their preference for specific items, using social networking services applications. The present terms of operation and use of the website www.simple-characters.gr constitute binding corporate rules that the Company observes and enforces when it provides the following information society services to users. The present conditions are fully compatible with the applicable European and Greek law, and the non-compliance of the users of the website, or of third parties, entails the removal of any responsibility of the Company in relation to any affected natural or legal person, while the users recognize the right of the Company to change the provisions of these terms, insofar as they do not concern binding legal obligations and without affecting determined situations. The user who visits the website acknowledges that he has read these terms, agrees with them and complies with them, both in the context of the contract drawn up by accepting them, and in the context of his general obligation to comply with the law.


The website visitor is granted a non-exclusive, non-transferable, personal, limited right to access, use and browse our website and its published content. The right of access does not concern access to aspects of the website covered by the communications privacy, such as the source code, and in general, to any data of the website which is not accessible by browsing. This license does not constitute a transfer of the website title and its components, and it requires the compliance with these terms of use, in particular the Company's intellectual property rights. The license does not include the Company's commitment regarding the proper use of social networking services belonging to other companies and applications posted on the website.

The visitor of the website who has accounts in social networking services has the possibility to share posted data, through the sharing applications. It, also, has the possibility to send e-mails and transfer relevant data to messenger services, through the automated applications that are adapted to the respective posts. The operation of the application in question is exclusively governed by the terms of use of the corresponding social networking services which are beyond the Company's sphere of responsibility.

The visitor of the website has the possibility by submitting the details of his name, e-mail address and age to receive newsletters of the Company in his e-mail. If he ceases to be interested in receiving newsletters, he is given the opportunity to declare his desire to stop sending them.


The Company provides information society services through the Domain Name and the website www.simple-characters.gr, and complies with these terms defined by the P.D. 131/2003 (Adaptation to Directive 2000/31) of the European Parliament and the European Council, regarding certain legal aspects of information society services, in particular of e-commerce, in the domestic market (E-Commerce Directive, Official Government Gazette 116/A/16.5.2003).This status is subject to the terms of use of other providers of information society services, such as the applications of social networking services used by the website, which are governed by the respective terms of use of these companies.

With regard to the content affected by the users of the website, using applications of other companies (such as the "Like" of Facebook), the operator is not responsible for any general and preventive surveillance, because it does not start the transmission, select the recipient, select or modify the information provided, and it is not subject to a general obligation either to control the services it transmits or stores, or to actively search for facts or circumstances about any illegal activities. The Company follows specific procedures for reporting illegal actions that could be taken through the website (intellectual property, personal data, and offensive content), and is committed to strictly complying with these procedures, ensuring the website's compliance with current legislation.

In the context of the obligation to provide general information, according to article 4 of the P.D. 131/2003, the Company informs that:

  • Its full name is “D. & R. LIAKOTITIS LTD",
  • Its geographical address in which the organization is established is 31 And. Papandreou Str.  1& Ag. Paraskevi Str, 15232 Chalandri,
  • Its contact details are eshop@simple-characters.gr and (+30) 212 0000006,
  • It is registered in the SA Registry. with NUMBER 46102/01/B/00/456 (05) and in the Register of Suppliers of the Ministry of Development.


Valid order conditions

The website visitor has the possibility to place a valid order, as long as he is legally competent according to the Greek Civil Code, i.e. as long as he has completed the eighteenth year of his age and is not in legal aid regarding the conclusion of a sales contract. Orders can, also, be placed by representatives of legal entities. The company reserves the right to claim from the  guardian any orders made by legally incompetent persons.

Placing an order requires:

  • Completing the relevant form with all the necessary information for the conclusion of the sales contract,
  • The unreserved acceptance of the terms of the sales contract, regarding the item sold, the quantity, the price, including taxes and other costs, the way of processing the transaction, the time and place of delivery,
  • The unreserved acceptance of these terms of use, which are an integral part of the contract.

The method of payment is chosen by the interested party and includes the possibility of charging a credit/debit card, using the PayPal system, cash on delivery or bank deposit. Acceptable credit/debit cards are those presented as selected by the website's order submission system.

Placing an order constitutes the conclusion of a distance sales contract, applicable to the relevant legislative framework (Article 4 of Law 2251/1994, as amended and in force). The consumer through the website is informed by the Company before completing his order and submitting the relevant form for:

  • The identity and address of the supplier,
  • The essential characteristics of the good,
  • The price, quantity and transport costs, as well as value added tax, if not included in the price,
  • The method of payment, delivery and execution,
  • The duration of validity of the offer or price,
  • The right of return.

By placing the order, the consumer receives an online copy of its order which includes the above (under 2.1.4. a-f) information, and in addition:

  • The name and address of the supplier's most accessible to the consumer store,
  • The method of payment,
  • The conditions and method of exercising the right of return, in accordance with article 4 par. 10 of Law 2251/1994, together with a sample declaration of withdrawal,
  • The information related to after-sales service and existing commercial guarantees.


Right of product return

The consumer has the right to return the product purchased within fourteen (14) calendar days, unless a longer period has been agreed, by returning the product in its original condition, without incurring any expense, except for the return costs. This period starts from the receipt of the products. In order to exercise the right of return, the consumer has the obligation to complete and send the relevant return form provided to him when placing the order. In case of exercising the right of return, the consumer is obliged to immediately send the product in its original packaging, at the same time as submitting a return declaration, while the supplier is obliged to refund the consumer within fourteen (14) working days. The refund is made in the same way as the payment was made, except in the case of cash on delivery. In the event that the amount has been charged to the consumer's credit/debit card, the exercise of the right of return, also, results in the termination of the relevant tripartite contract between the consumer, the supplier and the bank, without paying any compensation.

The refund is only valid for the online store and not for the physical stores.


Right of replacement

The consumer has the right to request the replacement of the product, as long as the delivered product was defective or did not correspond to the product he ordered. In case of receipt of a defective product or a product other than the one ordered, the Company must be contacted first and the item must be sent on the day of receipt, so that the replacement can be initiated. It is essential that the products are in the condition in which they were received, and that the consumer has the invoice. We recommend a close inspection upon receipt in order to avoid receiving defective products or products that were not ordered. In any case, the maximum return period for submitting a replacement request cannot be extended beyond fourteen (14) calendar days from the date of receipt. Before any return, it is recommended to consult with our Company. The conditions for carrying out the replacement of a defective product or a product that does not correspond to that of the order are the following:

  • Contact the Company within 24 hours of receiving the product to highlight the problem, on the phone or the email located in the "Contact" field of the website,
  • Send the product return form found inside the shipping package, within the exclusive period of 14 calendar days,
  • If it is a product that does not correspond to the order, it must not have been used and be in its original packaging in the condition in which it was received. The shipment of the new product will take place within a time period equal to the shipment time of the original one.


In the event that the consumer was not satisfied with the fulfillment of his order or for any other reason concerning the online store, he has the right to submit a complaint to the Company by sending an email at eshop@simple-characters.gr within fourteen (14) calendar days since the problem was occurred.

The consumer's complaint will be examined immediately, and the Company will reply to him within ten (10) days of its submission. When examining the complaint, the Company reserves the right to contact the consumer to clarify the circumstances that created the reported problem. In this case, the consumer should facilitate the procedure by providing the relevant information in order to resolve the issue.

For any case concerning the operation of the online store, the consumer, by accepting these terms of use, has the obligation to follow the procedure of submitting a complaint before choosing to initiate any legal proceedings.


For any dispute arising from the use of the services, or for any other reason between the consumer and the Company, Greek law is applicable and the courts of Athens are competent.

In the event that a dispute arises regarding the present terms of use, between the consumer and the Company, the former is obliged, before initiating any legal action, to contact the Company within 14 days of the occurrence of the relevant events. Failure to comply with this term constitutes a breach of an essential contractual term concluded between the consumer and the Company.

The original text of these terms of use and operating regulations is in the Greek language. An official English translation is, also, posted on the website.

For any information, question or complaint, we kindly request to use the "Contact" option.